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Jordan Rookie Fakes and NFL Prestige 2022 - The PSG Podcast: Episode 21

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Join CEO Brett McCallum and General Manager Rob Verhoeve as they sit down for the weekly chat about the hobby and grading industry news with one or two other members of the Platinum Standard team or community.

This week on a Brett-less episode of The Platinum Standard Grading Podcast, the boys count down the seconds to the end of the Tatum jersey charity auction and announce the new website update. Rob, Pugz and Chris chat about Jordan rookie fakes and rip open a box of 2022 NFL Prestige.

To celebrate the change of sports season Platinum Standard Grading are running a special offer during October and November. Protect your cards and get two (2) cards professionally graded and slabbed for just $50. Check it out here.

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