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Design & Technology

Introducing the Futureproof PSG Slab

Trading cards aren’t just a hobby these days. They’re an investment and for the lucky ones, a retirement fund.


Protect your investment with the Futureproof PSG Slab.


Click the images below to learn more about the technology that goes into each and every PSG Slab.

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Click the blue circles below

Click the blue circles below

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QR Code To Your Slab Details

The QR code to rule all others!

Scan the code on the back of your PSG slab to see your slab and grade details online. Share this with friends and take your slab anywhere even without the physical item.

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Reliability, Security & Protection

All PSG slabs are made of durable plastic and are ultrasonically welded to ensure your valuable card is tamperproof and has complete protection from the elements for years to come. Each slab label is also specially designed and printed for your unique card and incorporates a range of security features to make tampering and counterfeiting nearly impossible.

We treat your cards as if they were our own, which is great because being collectors ourselves, we understand that each card has sentimental as well as monetary value. We treat your cards with the utmost care and respect they deserve.

Security & Protection

The Transparency of Sub-Grades

Ever eat at a restaurant, and love the meal, but just wish you knew what the ingredients were?  Wonder no more at PSG.  Each of your cards will be evaluated on four separate criteria to make up their final grade.  But you won’t be left wondering how it ranked in each of those areas, as these sub-grades will be clearly detailed on the back of the slab. 


Each card is given a score out of 10 based on the cards Surface Quality, Corners, Edges and Centering. Your overall grade can not be any more than 1 FULL grade higher than the lowest SUB grade. This is why the PSG Platinum 10 is so sought after.

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Slab Closeup 1.jpg

Clarity & Aesthetics

We’re called Platinum Standard Grading for a reason.  Our labels are UV printed on premium high-quality stock with platinum detailing. 


The design is crisp, clean and subtle, displaying only the info you need and want to see without detracting from the beauty of the card itself.

Clarity & Looks

Advanced Technology

The Slab That Keeps On Giving

At PSG, we don’t just keep up with the Jones’, we ARE the Jones’.  When your card is graded at PSG, you don’t just get a good-looking slab with a QR code.  You get a glimpse into the future.  Initial stages will have us utilising blockchain technology to record your card and allow you visibility over your entire portfolio. Moving forward to the future, you will be able to bring your cards to life using Augmented Reality to deliver enhanced interactive content.

Take a look at our Tech development pipeline down below for more information...

Advanced Tech

The Tech Development Pipeline

Augmented Reality

We are pioneering the development of an augmented reality experience tied to your card's unique NFT. In development is the ability to see card stats and actions through your phone camera when you look at your PSG slab. Stay tuned...

NFT Content

Provision and integration to further enhance your experience, allowing you the ability to monetise your collectable and increase the value by providing a linked tradeable digital asset, all while enhancing security through proof of ownership via the NFT/Blockchain ledger. 

Market Tracking App

We will be using a full stack digital application utilising market data and different application sources to integrate with services such as eBay and blockchain for market valuation tracking. The application will work across all channels (Web and Mobile apps IOS and Android) utilising Data integration through API's to market data sources.

Cardboard as Currency

As part of integration into the blockchain we are looking at tokenisation of cardboard to enable it to buy goods and services. 

Artificial Intelligence Grading

To accurately and rapidly grade the card stock using AI/ML and Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial
Intelligence will utilise visual recognition and inspection across Neural networks, enabling the cataloguing of
images to build the database with industry-leading prediction accuracy.

Want to get your collection graded?

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