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  • Which cards can I submit for grading?
    We are currently accepting all cards up to 55pt with an increase in range coming soon. PSGrading reserves the right to refuse grading on any cards we consider unsuitable. These cards will be returned to you in sleeves and card savers alongside your graded cards. Unsuitable cards may include: Counterfeit cards Altered cards Bleaching Re-backing Dent Removal Re-colouring Artificial toning Miscut Trimmed Pressed
  • How should I store and protect my cards?
    As collectors ourselves, we recommend taking that extra step to ensure your cards do not get damaged. Sleeves such as Top Loaders, Semi-Rigids and One-Touches are our go-to's. When packing your trading cards for submission it's important to keep them in peak condition. For detailed information on how to package your items please refer to the step-by-step video below. Otherwise, please make sure to package your cards in a way that will not risk any damage in transit.
  • What happens to my cards once they arrive to PSGrading?
    Once your submission arrives to PSGrading, the unboxing is digitally recorded for security and peace of mind. Cards are then checked off to confirm they match the submission form, individually researched, and then catalogued within our master list. From there your cards progress to the grading stage. Every card follows a stringent grading process focussing on all four sub-categories: 1. Centering 2. Edges 3. Corners 4. Surface Sub-grades are calculated and analysed which then determines your final grade. After that, our signature PSGrading labels are designed and printed, then encapsulated with your card, using our ultra-sonic welder. We ensure that all encapsulated cards go through a 24-hour Quality Check procedure before your submission is expertly packed and prepared for dispatch. For more information on the Design of our labels, and the Technology used in our grading processes click here
  • What happens if my cards are lost or damaged?
    At PSGrading we care for your cards as if they were our own. We only use Australia Post Express Service (with signature required) when sending back to you, to make sure you get your freshly graded cards back not just quickly, but safe and sound. In the event of your cards being lost in transit from PSGrading, our team will be sure to follow up on the whereabouts of your order. PSGrading will not be responsible for orders that are lost or damaged while in transit to PSGrading. In the unlikely event of your card being lost or damaged at PSGrading you will be contacted directly by our General Manager, Chris Bilston, who will work with you to find a solution
  • Can I submit cards outside of Australia?
    Yes! Our Gold Coast HQ is currently accepting worldwide submissions. We are also in the final stages of opening a US office, which will allow us to provide better service to our American collectors.
  • What damages should I look out for on my cards before submitting them?
    Here is our grading checklist of things to look out for when choosing what card to grade: White/soft edges Surface scratches Centering Edge marks Print defects Miscut Sign of altering
  • How are final grades determined?
    Once sub-grades are completed, a final grade is given in which the overall grade cannot exceed 1 full point higher than the lowest sub-grade for the card. For example: Centering = 9 Corners = 8 Edges = 6 Surface = 8 Overall Grade = 7 Even though the average suggests the grade should come to a 7.75, because the lowest grade is a 6, the overall grade cannot exceed one full number higher than the lowest sub-grade regardless of the total score. Hence this card receiving a 7. *Please note that the breakdown of total grades round down to the nearest half point at 0.25/0.75 whereas 0.26/0.76 or higher round up to the nearest half point.
  • Do you clean cards before encapsulating?
    No, we do not offer a cleaning service. Microfibre cloths are an inexpensive way to clean your card, just be careful with those opti-chrome cards. Surface scratches are the most common form of defects so please take care when handling or cleaning your cards. At PSGrading, we use gloves when grading to ensure your cards remain in the same condition we received them in.
  • Do you accept crossovers from other grading companies?
    No, we do not accept crossovers. This is because of the lack of accuracy in grading through a slab.
  • Can I drop off my submission in person?
    We do not currently accept drop off submissions to our HQ, however, we have a list of Submission Partners around Australia who accept in-store submissions. Click here to find your closest Submission Partner >
  • Where do I post my cards once I have purchased a grading or encapsulation service?
    Once you have purchased one of our services please photograph your cards and upload the photos on our Upload Photos page. This allows us to start the research phase before your cards have arrived. When you're ready to send us your cards package them up safely and mail them to the address below: Postage Address: Platinum Standard Grading P.O. Box 3651 Helensvale, QLD, 4212

How To: Pack your submission

  1.  At the very least, put your card in a Penny Sleeve and a Top Loader or Semi-Rigid Card Protector

  2. To secure the card in the Top-Loader we always suggest to make sure you are using the right size Top-Loader for the card you're sending to eliminate as much movement as possible. This is where for submissions, a Semi-Rigid protector can be handy as they are a firm fitting case for all types.

  3. For added protection we suggest sandwiching your cards with cardboard, securing with masking tape and placing them in bubble wrap.

  4. Place your wrapped cards into a padded mailer and send them over to us for grading.

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