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Change of Season Deal

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SUBMISSION SPECIFICATIONS: Please note We are only accepting cards 55pt and below for the time being. This capacity will be increased over time.


To celebrate the change of season from AFL and NRL to NBA and NFL we have launched the Change of Season Deal. Get two cards graded and slabbed for the price of one Standard submission. Save $50.

Get your sports and trading cards professionally graded by some of the best in the business. Our grading process exceeds industry standards for accuracy and reliability and you'll know that your card is receiving the correct grade each time, every time.

Platinum Standard Grading slabs are weathertight, strong and reliable, keeping your cards safely encased alongside their grade for years to come. Your PSG slab will not only include an accurate final grade but also the four subgrades which provide this final score: Centering, Edges, Corners and Surface.
You'll also receive a unique slab identifier alongside a QR code linking your card to a webpage where your grading data can be viewed online. As part of our Technology & Development pipeline, all QR codes present and future are planned to be linked to a unique NFT, meaning a PSG slab truly is the futureproof slab that keeps on giving. You are not purchasing one collectible item, but two.
See details on the product image for more about this service.

NEXT STEPS: After purchasing this service you will receive a purchase receipt email outlining the next steps you can take to submit your cards. If you don't receive this email within 10 minutes in your regular inbox please check your junk/spam folder.

INCLUSIONS: 2 Cards Limit, 60 Days Estimated, Premium Plastic Slabs, Futureproof QR Code

*Shipping Fee Not Included

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