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Everything You Need to Know About Bazinga Trading Cards & Collectibles

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Our submission partners are the heart and soul of everything we do at Platinum Standard Grading and each one of them plays an important part in serving you, our customers. Our Q&A series allows us to shine a spotlight on some of our submission partners each month as we learn more about their store and background in the card hobby.

In this spotlight, we have Bazinga Trading Cards and Collectibles located in South Australia.

Bazinga Trading Cards and Collectibles

How long have you or your business been in the trading card hobby?

Bazinga was established early 2020 but as a fellow collector I've been collecting since I can remember but really started getting back into it in about 2013.

When was the first time you bought a pack of cards and what was it?

Footy cards and a hit dyer redemption back in the day, but mostly tazos and oddbodz as I grew up in the country and access to packs was pretty rare for me. I got to eat a lot of chips at our country footy though.

What products do you look forward to the most each year?

I collect footy and NBA but probably the footy release with DPS cards, as I love to collect my crow rookies.

Do you guys specialise in any sub-culture within the industry?

I wouldn't say we specialise in any particular sub-culture as we try to cover most lines as we want to have a little something for everyone. We try to stock all sports and the main TCG lines.

Do you have any promotions or events coming up?

We have the Melbourne Comic-con, SA Card Collectors Show (November), Adelaide Show, SupaNova, just to name a few.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

The hobby is something that has always made me feel relaxed (especially in this crazy world). I also am probably one of those slightly introverted blokes who doesn’t love to make new friends & meet new people but the hobby & Bazinga has pushed me down that path & I feel that I now have some really close mates because of the hobby we all enjoy. It is also something I get to share with my 4 kids. With my eldest (15) who loves basketball, & my 2 middle kids (12 & 7) Pokemon & Dball, & my youngest (4) who loves to open anything & everything. The wifey tolerates it. haha

Who is your Hero?

Would have to say in NBA it was always MJ but for footy I loved Tony Modra and Andrew Mcleod.


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