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Oscar Piastri, Raw Card Reviews and The GOAT Lauren Jackson - The PSGrading Podcast: Episode 36

Join CEO Brett McCallum and General Manager Rob Verhoeve as they sit down for the weekly chat about the hobby and grading industry news with one or two other members of the Platinum Standard team or community.

This week on the (soon to be renamed) Platinum Standard Grading Podcast, Rob and Brett welcome Adam Hollioake back into the studio to talk cricket and then bring Pugz in for all the usual sport and card talk. They shout out to submission partner Diggaz and announce the new Raw Card Review that will debut at Local Card Shop's Trade Day this Sunday.

This episode was originally aired on Instagram Live on 17/02/2023 on the @PSGrading Instagram account. You can listen to the audio-only version on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music by searching for 'Platinum Standard Grading Podcast'. You can also find it online at Podfire.

The number 23 is synonymous with sporting royalty and that's why at PSG we are officially changing 2023 to the Year of the GOAT. To celebrate we are giving you the opportunity to get 4 CARDS GRADED FOR $100. Check it out here.

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