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Inside The Lakers Changing Room, Dirk Nowitzki and Country Music - The PSGrading Podcast: Episode 30

Join CEO Brett McCallum and General Manager Rob Verhoeve as they sit down for the weekly chat about the hobby and grading industry news with one or two other members of the Platinum Standard team or community.

The boys are back in the studio and are pumped to kick off another year of The Platinum Standard Grading Podcast. Back from an insane trip to the US, Brett and Pugz give us a full recap of the Chris Anstey NBA Tour from their many highlights to the stars they got to meet. The boys have a chat about the cricket and ask you what kind of weekly segments you'd like to hear this year.

This episode was originally aired on Instagram Live on 05/01/2023 on the @PSGrading Instagram account. You can listen to the audio-only version on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music by searching for 'Platinum Standard Grading Podcast'. You can also find it online at Podfire.

We are looking for the perfect 10! Truth is, we've never graded a 10, and so the challenge has been set. Be the first to score a PSG Platinum 10 and win a $500 voucher to spend at one of our submission partner stores.

*Any subsequent Platinum 10's will get a $100 voucher

Follow us on socials: @psgrading on Instagram and Facebook.

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