EPISODE 8 - Platinum Standard Grading Podcast

Join CEO Brett McCallum and General Manager Chris Bilston as they sit down for the weekly chat about the hobby and grading industry news with one or two other members of the Platinum Standard team or community.

On this episode, Liam is joined by Stash as they go live to the US with Brett and Chris. The guys give us a tour of Coffee and Cards in Utah, chat about what other stores they've visited and their top card purchases so far. Back in Aus, Liam and Stash recap all things sport and talk about new card releases such as My Hero Academia.

This episode was originally aired on Instagram Live on 14/07/2022 on the @PSGrading Instagram account. You can listen to the audio-only version on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music by searching for 'Platinum Standard Grading Podcast'. You can also find it online at Podfire.

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